Monday, December 5, 2016

Attend the Millionaire Money Mindset Conference Live Stream

Jamesia J. Hawk
Personal Empowerment Advocate

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Make Your Money Grow in 2017!!!!

GET YOUR FINANCES IN ORDER & Mind Your Own Money Business

Personal Credit and Personal Finance Management are crucial for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Economic empowerment is the key component needed in most communities whether low, middle or high income, why? It's important because most are living pay check to pay check whether it is 6 figures or 4 figures.  And some are living paycheck to Monday!  There are few schools and households that teach individuals how to Properly Manage their Personal Incomes to Propser.

This event was created to close the economic gap and is great for those who want to learn more about money, wealth creation, investing, multiple sources of income, credit repair and more.  

Topics Include:
  • Millionaire Money Mindset Intensive - Jamesia Johnai, Epiphany Essentials Management Inc.
  • Rock Your Fico*, Balance don't Bust your Budget - Netiva Heard, MNH Credit The FrugalCrediTnista
  • Investing at any income level - Tanya Prince
  • Real Estate - David Thomas, Managing Broker, Dreams Spot Leasing & Sales
  • Group Economics - Nick Cooper
  • Small Business Funding - Sivhon Stanton 
  • Entrepreneurship Panel Discussion - Jessica LaShawn (Mogul Academy), Eugene McIntosh (The Bigs)

More panelists will be added and detailed bios along with pictures of our confirmed speakers.  We are bringing you heavy hitters in each industry with experience through application.  They will provide a wealth of information and resources so that in 2017 

GET YOUR FINANCES IN ORDER & Mind Your Own Money Business

For more information on this event and to purchase tickets to attend live or via live stream visit 

Jamesia Johnai
Personal Empowerment Advocate
Epiphany Essentials Management Inc.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016


Let's be honest, Tis' the season where most people SHOP.  While Epiphany Essentials is dedicated to people living a Financially Free life, we also accept the reality that people are going to shop.  Whether shopping out of necessity or pure want, here are some ways to save/earn money while you shop!!!!!!!

Who doesn't like free money?


Ebates if you are an online shopper like myself check out EBATES!!!!! You earn cash back off of all of your purchases through the site.  The great thing is, the site has a new feature so you don't have to visit Ebates  website to guarantee your savings.  Shop online like usual once you sign up and if the site is an Ebates affiliate you will get a pop-up that let's you know, how much you will get back on your purchase!  And to start, you get $10 simply for signing up!!!!!  That $10 can be redeemed immediately and sent to you in the form of cold, hard, cash money.  With Ebates, you can CASH OUT every time you save a minimum of $5.  To learn more about Ebates and start saving when you shop, visit the site here.  Claim your $10 NOW!!!!


If you are a Walmart shopper we strongly encourage you to download their savings catcher app.  I have saved over $75 this year simply by shopping in Walmart as I normally do and scanning ALL of my receipts.  The most I received back from one receipt thus far was $6.19!!!!!!!!!  Visit or search for the walmart app on your smart phone and sign up today!  Walmart is also an ebates store!!!!! Talk about double dipping and savings.


Airfordable is an air fare booking site.  Airfordable allows you and put our upcoming flight on lay-a-way so to speak, it is more like a payment plan.  For those looking to travel internationally or simply don't want to pay-out hundreds of dollars at once for air fare, airfordable may be for you.  Check it out and sign up it is free to join.  Click on any of the links prior or simply CLICK HERE to learn more!

Jamesia Johnai
Personal Empowerment Advocate

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Super Soul Sunday - The Billinoaire Mindset


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Friday, November 11, 2016


The stock market responded to the United States of America on November 9th, after learning that Donald Trump is the new President Elect!  Many in the US on social media have been spreading doom and gloom since President Elect Donald Trump won.

Are our finances doomed?


Now is the perfect time to GET YOUR FINANCES IN ORDER!!!! You can start by meditating your way to wealth, yes MEDITATING!!!!!

Most importantly arm yourself with KNOWLEDGE.  Millionaires and billionaires are created during times like these.  China has been taking full benefit of the current economic slump, billionaires are being created in that country.

Just as one seeks out an expert to repair their car, coiffe their hair, manicure their nails, seek professional help to 


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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

World Series Wednesday - Cubs vs. Cleaveland


The last year the Chicago Cubs won a world series.  Unapologetic from the greatest city in the US, Chicago, I happen to be more of a White Sox fan than Cubs however I am and will always be for my city!


108 years later.....will the Cubbies do it, is it their day? Will Chicago fly the W tonight?

Guess we all have to tune in or look on social media later on to find out.

Jamesia J. Hawk
Personal Empowerment Advocate

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